About Us

Our style can be described as real, inviting, fresh, and layered. We love spaces that are full of light, color and texture.
If you choose to work with us, your space will be representative of your lifestyle and experiences. And, each room will be comfortable and functional. It is important to us that we design spaces that are not only unique, but will stand the test of time.

Owner & Principal Designer

Amanda Purdom

Amanda is responsible for managing large scale residential and commercial projects. After completing the design, she works with the contractor to ensure the design details are executed during construction. As an owner and lead designer, Amanda also serves as a creative director for members of our design team. She works with the team to create processes, establish financial goals and develop growth plans for expanding our brand. Amanda’s desire is to make others feel comfortable in their own home. Creating functional and beautiful spaces that others enjoy is her greatest reward and is always in the forefront of her mind when designing. The best compliment to her is when a client says, "this is exactly what I wanted, but I didn't know how to create it!" Together with her husband, Eric, Amanda’s greatest joy has been raising two daughters and watching them grow into young women. She loves to draw, create, and play the piano. Amanda also loves to travel and is inspired by what people outside of our region are doing in their spaces. One thing Amanda encourages her clients to do is remember that design is supposed to be fun, creative, and unique. The results should be an expression of each individual, which is a freedom to make your space your own. The process should be fun and not stressful. It should look like you and be filled with the things you love.

Executive Operations & Designer

whitney hastings

Whitney, a talented lead designer at AsterHouse Design, excels in overseeing design consultations and handling both residential and commercial projects. Her unwavering commitment is to serve as a dedicated advocate for her clients throughout the entire design process. In addition to her design expertise, Whitney also plays a crucial role in managing the AsterHouse team, ensuring seamless collaboration and exceptional results. Beyond her professional life, Whitney finds joy in bike riding, cherishing moments with her granddaughter, and working on her own land, which reflects her passion for nature and outdoor activities.

Lead Stylist & Designer

Amy Shanahan

Amy excels as the head stylist and designer at AsterHouse Design, showcasing her talent in crafting stunning spaces, whether it's a small tabletop arrangement or a complete house makeover. Her expertise shines through when it comes to selecting the perfect furnishings for any setting. In addition to overseeing the design team and in-store stylists, Amy plays a key role in curating the store's collection with the trendiest home décor items. 2. Outside of work, Amy dedicates her time to attending her children's various activities, revamping her own living space, and actively participating in her church community. Her passion for design extends beyond the workplace, as she finds joy in creating beautiful environments both personally and professionally.

Business Operations & Design Project Manager

Sarah Schotte

Sarah is a talented designer and project manager. Her ability to manage the smallest of details across multiple projects is just one of her strengths. Her creativity, versatility, and unwavering commitment to excellence make her a top designer. As a designer, Sarah thrives on collaboration, working closely with clients and colleagues to translate abstract concepts into tangible visual expressions. Her operational skills are unmatched, and her ability to balance creativity with strategic business logic helps us grow our brand, and meet the needs of our clients. In addition to her professional pursuits, Sarah is a devoted mother and wife who loves to travel and support local organizations with her husband. With an unwavering dedication to her craft and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Sarah is committed to delivering design solutions that captivate, inspire, and leave a lasting impression.

Expeditor & Warehouse Manager

alissa turner

At AsterHouse Design and Furnish, Alissa is responsible for handling every single order that comes in. Whether you have a unique request or need assistance with your invoice, she is there to ensure everything is taken care of. Alissa's proactive approach ensures that operations run seamlessly behind the scenes. When she's not busy at work, she enjoys attending K-State games with her family, visiting her sisters on the east coast, and taking on a new challenge by hiking the rim alongside her husband.

Inventory & Product Manger

Darci Dorst

Darci is responsible for managing all the inventory that comes through our doors, ensuring that each item is received, inspected, and matched with their new owners. Her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail make her unparalleled in this role. Darci collaborates closely with the AsterHouse Design team and our warehouse manager to ensure smooth preparations for our installations. She goes above and beyond to ensure that everything runs seamlessly. Apart from her professional commitments, Darci's true passion lies in traveling with her family, cherishing moments with friends, and adding her personal touch to decorating her house.

Warehouse Manager

Brad Johnson

Brad's diverse skill set makes him ideal as our warehouse manager. Whether it's assembling large pieces of furniture or fixing minor scratches, he possesses the skills to handle it all. His logical thinking and proactive planning ensure that installations, regardless of their size, are carried out flawlessly. Apart from his professional duties, Brad also enjoys hosting tailgates for K-State football games, cherishing moments with his grandkids, and is constantly improving his woodworking abilities.



Dee plays a crucial role in the achievements of Furnish and AsterHouse Design. Being part of the founding team, she has always been a strong advocate for the core objectives of AsterHouse Design. Her presence enables the design team to think ambitiously and assists in formulating strategies to bring those visions to life. Dee offers invaluable financial and business guidance that is unparalleled in its effectiveness. Outside of work, Dee enjoys attending K-State games with her family, exploring new destinations with friends, and unwinding in her personal sanctuary, the she-shed.

Store Manager

Teri Holmberg

Teri is the dedicated store manage at Furnish. With her exceptional multitasking skills, she effortlessly handles numerous responsibilities to ensure the store operates seamlessly. Whether you're in search of a delightful hostess gift, the ideal coffee table, or assistance in designing your entire living room, Teri is your go-to person. Her genuine love for antiques makes her the ideal curator for our unique and exclusive one-of-a kind collection. When she's not working, Teri indulges in her love for gardening and embarks on exciting adventures with her husband. Furthermore, her musical background has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the performing arts, making her a strong advocate in this field.

Store Manager

Elizabeth Moore

When you come into the store, you’ll most likely meet Elizabeth with her bright smiling face and cheery attitude. She can help you find a hostess gift, hunt down the perfect coffee table, or help put together your entire living room. Elizabeth not only works with our marketing team on sales and promotions but helps organize all our fun in-store workshops and events.

Assistant Store Manager


Cindy is a ray of sunshine as our assistant store manager. Who always welcomes you with a warm smile and her vibrant personality. Her friendly nature and positive attitude make her the ideal person to ensure the store's operations run smoothly. She has embraced her personal hobby and turned it into a successful career path. Cindy loves spending time with her grandkids, traveling, and being actively involved in her church community alongside her husband.

Asterhouse Design was established in 2010 by Amanda Purdom and Eryn Smith. Over the years, Amanda and Eryn collaborated and grew the business, working with the most amazing clients and colleagues. In 2019 Eryn and her family relocated out of Manhattan to expand her husband's consulting business. The AsterHouse Design team and Furnish continue to play an integral role in the design of homes in the Manhattan area.